Start of Online Registration: 17.10.2018

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15.03.2019
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15.04.2019

Early Registration Fee Deadline: 31.12.2018

Scientific Program


Section 1. Structure, catalytic mechanism and protein engineering of enzymes
Section 2. Supercomputer modelling in biocatalysis
Section 3. Neuroenzymology
Section 4. Bioinformatics and biocatalysis. Metabolic design
Section 5. Industrial biocatalysis (enzymes, multi enzyme systems and cells. Fine organic synthesis. Design of biotransformation processes
Section 6. Bioanalitical basics and molecular diagnostics. Biocatalysis in environmental biotechnology
Section 7. Enzyme, ribozymes and proteins as drugs and vaccines
Section 8. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in Life Systems

Parallel Session:
Co-symposium «Extremophiles and Extremozymes»

Within the framework of the BC-2019 conference, a seminar will be held with the authors on the preparation and structuring of scientific articles for the journal Acta Naturae, citation culture, and improving the quality of the list of references. The date and time of the seminar will be announced later.