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(B I O C A T A L Y S I S – 2019)

June 24-28 2019, Leonid Sobolev board

Dear colleagues!

The Lomonosov Moscow State University is planning to convene a traditional biannual 12th International Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2019" in June, 24–28, 2019.

The BIOCATALYSIS Conferences have been conducted regularly since 1974. "Biocatalysis-2015" and "Biocatalysis-2017" assembled researchers from Europe, USA and other countries as well as over 400 scientists from Russia and the former Soviet Union.

BIOCATALYSIS-2019 Conference will be convened on board a ship cruising via the route St. Petersburg – Valaam – Kizhi – St. Petersburg.

The scientific direction "Biocatalysis" is one of the youngest and rapidly developing area in Russia.

The International Conference "Biocatalysis. Fundamentals and Applications" is traditionally held in every 2-3 years, starting in 1993. It is a continuation of the Russian Conference "Chemical Enzymology", conducted since 1974 at the same frequency. A wide range of subjects discussed in biocatalysis, biotechnology, Chemical and Enzyme Engineering, recent years – nanobiotechnology is a steadily increasing interest of scientists all over the world. The conference program includes the subjects – biocatalysis and biotechnology – the most relevant, from the viewpoint of global science.

The conference organizers included the most interesting trends in development of this field of science. The program is based on the oral and poster presentations, and largely reflects the current interest of the world researchers working in the field of fundamental and applied biocatalysis.

The organizers are trying to make the Conference not only professionally useful but also interesting and informative to its participants. In 1993, 1995, 2002, 2005 and 2007, the Conference was conducted on ship boats along the rivers the Volga and the Neva to the Islands of Valaam and Kizhi; Pushchino in 1998, Suzdal in 2000, Arkhangelsk in 2009, Moscow in 2013, 2015, 2017. There were excursions with interpreter guides for the conference participants.

Welcome to the 12th International Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2019"! 

Sincerely yours,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee